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A New Look for a New Year

Seven months ago, my sister married the love of her life in an intimate, church ceremony. I was so excited when she asked me to be the matron of honor at her wedding. Because I wanted to wear my hair in an elegant French twist at the wedding, I didn’t cut it during the first half of last year. After the wedding, I planned to cut my hair in my usual bob style. However, after receiving many compliments for my longer hair, I decided to let it continue to grow out. I’m not sure what I want to do with my hair for the New Year. However, I know I want to continue experimenting with new, exciting looks. On this blog, I hope you will discover the best hair trends for the upcoming year. Enjoy!


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Tips For Your Eyelash Extensions

Eyelashes can be one of the more defining and noticeable features of your face. Not surprisingly, this can lead to many people wanting to make their lashes appear fuller. For these people, eyelash extensions are an option that can provide the look that they are wanting.

Use A Professional Service To Apply The Eyelash Extensions

There are some individuals that may choose to attempt to apply their eyelash extensions on their own. While it may be possible to do this if you buy an eyelash extension kit, there can be important benefits of having a professional service apply these extensions. This will ensure that the lashes are applied evenly and securely, which can be extremely difficult to do on your own. Furthermore, these services will know how to prepare your eyelashes to have the extensions applied so that they will have a more natural look.

Keep The Eyelash Extensions Clean

After you have had the eyelash extensions applied, you will want to be sure that you are taking good care of them so that they will last for as long as possible. In this regard, keeping them clean will be essential. When the eyelashes are allowed to get dirty, they will degrade at a much faster rate. For this reason, you should use an eyelash extension cleaner that will gently remove any dirt or makeup that may have gotten on the lash extensions. It is also necessary to avoid using excessive force when cleaning the extensions as this could also lead to them detaching. By doing this each day, you may be able to extend the life of your lash extensions by several weeks.

Be Mindful Of Using Mascara With The Eyelash Extensions

Mascara can further help to accentuate the eyelashes. While eyelash extensions will dramatically improve the thickness of your lashes, you may still want to use mascara. It can be possible to use mascara with eyelash extensions, but it is necessary to only use mascara that is designed for use on eyelash extensions. Using mascara that is designed for natural eyelashes can cause extensions to degrade significantly as the mascara will be difficult to remove without using makeup removers. These can degrade the eyelashes themselves or cause the adhesive that holds them in place to fail more quickly. Luckily, most major makeup brands will have a mascara product that is suitable for use with eyelash extensions so that you can find an option that looks good on you.