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A New Look for a New Year

Seven months ago, my sister married the love of her life in an intimate, church ceremony. I was so excited when she asked me to be the matron of honor at her wedding. Because I wanted to wear my hair in an elegant French twist at the wedding, I didn’t cut it during the first half of last year. After the wedding, I planned to cut my hair in my usual bob style. However, after receiving many compliments for my longer hair, I decided to let it continue to grow out. I’m not sure what I want to do with my hair for the New Year. However, I know I want to continue experimenting with new, exciting looks. On this blog, I hope you will discover the best hair trends for the upcoming year. Enjoy!


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Losing Volume In Your Face? Use Dermal Fillers To Get The Volume Back

If you are losing volume in your face this can make you appear older and can make wrinkles look worse. Fortunately, there are treatments available to help you regain back some of the volume to make you look younger again, one of which is using dermal fillers. Keep reading to learn what can cause volume loss and information about dermal filler treatment.

Causes of Volume Loss in Face

The main cause of volume loss in your face is age. As you age you do not produce as much collagen. Collagen is needed to keep your face firm and keep wrinkles away. Once you start losing collagen, your face will lose volume. 

Getting a lot of sun exposure on an unprotected face can cause skin cancer, but it can also cause you to lose volume. Harmful UV rays may cause collagen to break down even faster. To help with this, make sure you wear sunscreen on your face when you go outside. 

Smoking is another thing that can cause cancer but also affects facial volume. Smoking also causes premature wrinkles. Smoking can lower the levels of vitamin C and vitamin C is needed to keep collagen built up. If you smoke, you will notice the most sagging around your lips and mouth. Smoking can cause the tissue that supports your eyelids to break down and become weaker resulting in sagging in this area. If you quit smoking your levels of vitamin C will start to build back up resulting in more collagen. 

Use Derma Fillers to Restore Volume in the Face

One treatment that works well is dermal fillers. This can restore the volume in your face and make your face look fuller. You can have this treatment done in many spas and salons, as well as from a dermatologist. 

The filler is a gel-like substance. The doctor injects the filler under your skin where you have lost volume. In many cases, you will notice the results of the dermal filler immediately after the injection and will get better over the next few hours. The doctor will first clean your skin and then do the injections. If you are fearful of pain the doctor can wipe an anesthetic on the area to numb your skin. 

Dermal fillers may last a few months up to a few years depending on the type of filler used. Your doctor can give you more information about this. Once your body completely absorbs the filler you can return to the doctor for more injections.  

Visit a skincare center such as Ageless Rejuvenation Center to learn much more about dermal fillers, as well as other treatments that are available.